Magic of Encaustic Workshop

Create your own encaustic painting while learning the fundamentals of wax in this two-day workshop.

"Nanette is an awesome artist who gave me a lot of creative freedom. I'll certainly come to another class." —J. Rhodes

ENROLL NOW: (Limited seats, first come first served)

Original price $395.00
Fee represents 25% referral discount (supplies included)

10% of your registration fee will be donated to the Salvation Army.
Come to this two-day workshop to explore your creativity while learning about the magic and very versatile medium of encaustic.
Dates: Friday and Saturday December 10 and 11 | Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

The workshop will provide all the fundamental materials including encaustic, oil sticks, heat guns, thermometer and panels.

Bring the following items to class if you have them:
• Cradled wood panels or encausticboard panels (The workshop will provide. You may want to have to bring a specific size.)
• Paint brushes to be used with wax, cheap inexpensive are best. 1/4, 1/2, 2”
• Empty metal cans, candle making tins (or empty, cleaned tuna or cat food containers are good sizes for melting the wax paint on the griddle)
• Pottery tools for mark making and sculpting wax
• Mark making tools i.e. small twigs, forks, nails or anything that can make a mark into the wax
• Apron
• Charcoal and/or pencils
• Gloves
• Notebook
• Black and white Xerox copies of images you like (no inkjet. Must be toner based)

"I'm so happy to have you join me for this painting workshop... It's a fantastic way to explore your creativity and begin looking toward the new year." —Nanette